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Bitcoin for Beginners – Bloktex 2017

This is the first part of Bitcoin for Beginners by Andreas Antonopoulos talk which took place on February 22nd 2017 at the inaugural Bloktex Conference pre-event, hosted at Technology Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Andreas Antonopoulos is a technologist, entrepreneur & network specialist who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures…

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Reto Trinkler & Mona El Isa: The Polkadot Protocol – One Blockchain To Connect Them All

System scalability and extensibility of system features are two central problems around which research in the cryptocurrency / blockchain industry has centered. For example, the Blockstream sidechains project foresaw hundreds of blockchains coordinating together to form an ‘Internet of Chains’ delivering extensibility to the Bitcoin system. Recently, Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum and Parity,…

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Zcash in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Andreas Antonopoulos: Pre-launch thoughts on Zcash. I downloaded and ran the test net version, and did some test transactions. I read the implementation of zkSNARKs and understood 30% of it, apparently that’s generous. From a scaling perspective, Zcash has significantly bigger challenges than Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it works very well collaboratively with other chains….

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Charles Hoskinson & Alex Chepurnoy: IOHK, Scorex And The Case For Ethereum Classic

From BitShares to his central role during the inception of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson has continually influenced key projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. After departing the Ethereum project in 2014, he has recently stepped back into the limelight by pledging support and resources to turn the fledgling Ethereum fork ETC into a viable project….

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Augur a Decentralized, Crowdsourced Prediction Market Built On Ethereum

Prediction markets are fascinating financial instruments which have proven to be accurate at making predictions on things like the outcome of elections, geopolitical events and sporting events. But in our heavily regulated financial world, they are the subject of much controversy. In 2013 for instance, a well-known US prediction market, Intrade, was forced to shut…

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Ethereum: Consensus vs Immutability

A LTB Live debate about the balance of consensus and immutability in Ethereum. The emergence of Ethereum Classic (ETC) creates a new paradigm for hard-fork currencies with two parallel systems (ETH and ETC). Can both survive? Should one dominate? Join the hosts Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos and guests Martin Köppelmann,…

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