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Andreas Antonopoulos: Pre-launch thoughts on Zcash. I downloaded and ran the test net version, and did some test transactions. I read the implementation of zkSNARKs and understood 30% of it, apparently that’s generous. From a scaling perspective, Zcash has significantly bigger challenges than Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it works very well collaboratively with other chains. I would love to see Zcash as a sidechain in the ecosystem, where features are borrowed and used temporarily from each system. From Zcash you can get a better degree of privacy and anonymity, then move it out into something else. We all benefit from these inventions.

Andreas Antonopoulos is a technologist, entrepreneur & network specialist who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in Bitcoin. With the ability to pick apart complex topics and make them understandable for most he tours the world opening peoples mind. Andreas is also the author of “Mastering Bitcoin” a book that many says is the best technical guide to Bitcoin existing today.

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