Why Bet Baseball ?


Why do you want to bet baseball with football just around the corner? Many people ignore baseball when betting and that is too bad, (for them). Baseball is the best sport for bettors to make money. There is no point spread involved and handicapping baseball is pretty straightforward. When betting baseball we are dealing with a money line instead of a point spread. The most common types of baseball money lines are the ten cent and twenty cent lines. For example, a ten-cent line would be laying 110 for every 100 dollars while a twenty-cent line would be 120 for every 100. The money line in baseball might look something like this:

Boston Martinez -140
New York Mussina +120

That would be an example of a twenty-cent line. You risk 140 for every 100 you wanted to win on Boston. You get 120 back for every 100 risked on New York. The difference is twenty dollars and that is why it is called a twenty-cent line. The starting pitchers are listed since a lot of the handicapping and oddsmaking is based on who starts the game.

Baseball is different than football and basketball because all we care about is the win. Points don’t matter. We just have to lay more money. Let’s say that we have two high priced favorites that we really like but we aren’t real excited about laying 2-1 odds on each of them. Why not parlay the two together? Our return will be right around even money and that is pretty good considering both teams are expected to win.

Baseball really comes down in the simplest terms to hitting and pitching. The team with the advantage in both of these categories usually wins. Remember points don’t come into play. We just need to pick the winner. If we find a matchup where we have a hitting and a pitching edge then it makes sense to play the game. You can break down statistics to a much greater extent than that when betting baseball, but this shows you that baseball can be a simple sport to bet.

Betting baseball is something that every sports bettor should seriously consider. Sportsbooks don’t like baseball season because their volume is low and because bettors oftentimes win. That fact alone should tell you right there that betting baseball is something you really should consider.

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