Free Ethereum Faucet List

A complete List of Ethereum Faucets. With these Ethereum Faucets you can receive Free Ether simply by adding your wallet address and start claiming. It’s a good way to try out Ethereum for the first time.

Ethereum FaucetsPayoutFacet TypeWallet
EtherFaucetOrgLowRandom NumberEthereum
EthereumGratisMediumRandom NumberEthereum
EtherFaucetNetMediumRandom NumberEthereum
EthereumFaucetNetHighRandom NumberEthereum
ETH Faucet GratisMediumFixed AmountEthereum
ETH FaucetHighRandom NumberEthereum
FreeETHHighRandom NumberEthereum
Free ETH EUMediumFixed AmountEthereum
EtherFreeHighRandom NumberEthereum
FaucetherHighRandom NumberEthereum
ETHfree24MediumRandom NumberEthereum
ETHbounsMeidumRandom NumberEthereum
EthereumFaucetLowRandom NumberEthereum
FaucetherNetHighRandom NumberEthereum
FaucetherOrgHighRandom NumberEthereum

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