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Vircurex, A more in-depth review will be added soon..

Vault of Satoshi Review

Vircurex, A more in-depth review will be added soon..

– Been around since 2011

– Horrible interface and design
– No mobile application

Exchange Name:Vircurex
Server Location:United States
Company Location:United States
Company Name:Vircurex
Fees:From 0.01%
Mobile Version:No
Support:Tickets, Email
Accepted Fiat Currencies:EUR, USD

Withdrawal feeConfirmations required
for deposits to confirm
Min. withdrawal amountMax. daily withdrawal amount
ANC – Anoncoin0.1000100.2015,000.00
AUR – Auroracoin1.0000100.001,000,000.00
BC – Blackcoin1.0000100.00100,000.00
BTC – Bitcoin0.002040.01100.00
DGC – Digitalcoin0.2000805.00175,000.00
DOGE – Dogecoin5.000010500.0030,000,000.00
DVC – Devcoin100.000061,000.0060,000,000.00
FLT – Fluttercoin1.0000100.001,000,000.00
FRC – Freicoin10.00001015.00800,000.00
FTC – Feathercoin0.010062.00150,000.00
I0C – I0coin0.0100650.002,000,000.00
IXC – Ixcoin8.00001010.00500,000.00
LTC – Litecoin0.100040.152,000.00
NMC – Namecoin0.100060.2010,000.00
NVC – Novacoin0.1000100.153,000.00
NXT – Nextcoin5.0000506.00200,000.00
PPC – Peercoin0.020060.2010,000.00
QRK – Quarkcoin0.50001010.00500,000.00
TRC – Terracoin0.5000105.00125,000.00
VTC – Vertcoin0.1000101.000.00
WC – Whitecoin0.1000100.005,000,000.00
WDC – Worldcoin0.1000105.00125,000.00
XPM – Primecoin0.010081.0015,000.00
ZET – Zetacoin1.0000100.001,000,000.00

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