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Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2014 and based in Montana, United States. The service is very similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex & Cryptsy as it focuses on altcoins and only offers cryptocurrency exchange options. Currently Poloniex covers more than 170 trading pairs with Bitcoin (BTC) as a base and another 15 pairs with Monero (XMR).

Poloniex Review

Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange with the mission to deliver the fastest and most reliable trading platform for digital currencies available today. Poloniex boast a wide verity of cryptocurrency trading pairs with an overall fee of 0.2% fee across all currencies.

– Simple and useful user interface with day and night mode
– No withdrawal and deposit fees
– Customer chat room (trollbox)
– Good Variety of Currencies

– Limited support options

Exchange Name:Poloniex
Server Location:United States
Company Location:United States
Company Name:Poloniex LLC
Trading Fees:From 0.2%
Mobile Version:Yes
Support:Tickets, Email
Accepted Fiat Currencies:None
Poloniex Withdrawal Limitations
Poloniex currently allows withdrawal $2000.00 – $100,000.00 daily limit depending on how much identification you are willing to give up.

Poloniex Transaction Fees
There is a 0.2% fee for all trades. There are no fees for withdrawals beyond the transaction fee required by the network.

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2 Responses to “Poloniex”

  1. Jay Dyer

    Poloniex may be a source for IDENTITY THEFT. The site lets you sign on and trade with level one authentication but then freezes the account and will not let you trade, sell or anything else until you link your bank account and/or credit cards to the account.

    The site says at level one you can do all site functions as long as you do not withdraw more than $2000 per day. In reality, if you need tech support for any reason, your account will be frozen until you have pasted level three authentication.

    In my case, they accepted my bitcoin with level one authentication. I was able to buy MAID, Storj, NXT and Dash coins. Then I had a problem with my password. They changed my password, sent the new password to me and locked the account. They demanded I give them more info to identify myself. Every time I gave the site more information to identify myself, they would say that one thing was not right and I must give them one more piece of info. First it was my birthday, then my phone number, then the last four of my SSN, then my address. The next step required me to attach my bank account. NO WAY. I asked them to return my coins, they said send them addresses for them and I did. They again said one thing was not right. This time is was one of the addresses. So, they refused to send the coins. I said then you sell the coins and turn them back into bitcoin and return them to the address they originally came from and they refused. That’s when I said they can keep the $220 worth of coins.

  2. GutZ

    Poloniex moderators are flat out lying about tickets being responded to in 24-48 hours, or they are completely clueless. Their “we apologize for the inconvenience” or “we appreciate your patience” is absolute bullshit. These guys have pulled out of the State of Washington and I say good riddance, but please release my coins.


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