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Gatecoin’s proprietary trading platform is focused on security, reliability and cost-efficient transfers. They offer segregated client bank accounts to ensure users’ cash deposits are protected in more than 40 countries. Users’ digital assets are kept on cold storage with multisig wallets to ensure maximum protection.

Gatecoin allows you to buy digital assets locally and trade globally. Easily buy and sell bitcoins worldwide with USD, EUR, HKD currency pairings. Gatecoin also offer public live-data streaming, a fully documented Rest API, and a dedicated support team. Gatecoin is a Money Service Operator licensed exchange built for performance, safety and reliability of digital currency trading. Their exchange system is designed by trading professionals. It is decentralized and modular; and thus, scalable and secured. They have also implement best-in-class security procedures, including multisig cold wallets, reconciliation processes and segregated client accounts.

Regulated in Hong Kong, our KYC and AML processes are backed by a major AML solutions provider. In addition to being a role model in terms of Compliance standards, they have a global presence through unique financial institution partnerships which allows cheap and fast transfers. This makes us the most efficient solution for all types of users seeking to mitigate counterparty and operational risks that is inherent with many unregulated exchanges.

With significant and complementary experiences in Investment Banking, IT Development, and Strategy Consulting, their team has built a global, secured, and user-friendly solution to the Bitcoin trading market. Gatecoin has been named Hong Kong’s 20 Hottest Startups in 2015, winner of Talent Unleashed’s Best Startup 2014, and a semi-finalist in the InnoTribe Startup Challenge 2015.

Gatecoin’s team are active members of the bitcoin community. Their CEO, Aurélien MENANT is one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. They regularly participate in conferences such as the Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Shanghai, the Inside Bitcoin conferences in Hong Kong 2014, Paris 2014 and Singapore 2015.

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