Dapps is decentralized applications built on top of blockchain technology. Some dapps are built on it’s own blockchain while most are based on popular blockchain networks like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Use the tools in the sidebar to find dapps with specific features built on top of certain blockchains.
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The DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization based on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched 30th of April 2016, with a 28-day DAO token crowd sale to fund the organization. The crowd sale set a new groundbreaking record as the most crowdfunded project in history with 12 million Ether, $150 million equivalent in USD…

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OpenBazaar is a decentralized marketplace application. A protocol as an e-commerce solution for sellers and buyers. The OpenBazaar dapp uses Bitcoin as it’s means of exchange to enable global transactions for goods and services. Visit OpenBazaar News Videos OpenBazaar News & Articles (view all) Latest OpenBazar Videos (view all)

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BitNation is a decentralized governance platform that provides individuals with common government services ranging from identity (proof-of-existence), voting, business registration, insurance, and dispute resolution. BitNation is built on top of the Bitcoin and uses Bitcoin as the currency for paying for these services. An example where BitNation could be used is in land and ownership…

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Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform that reward users for correctly predicting future events. Augur allows users to purchase and sell shares in the outcome of an event. Prediction markets rely on a scientific principle known as the wisdom of the crowd, which states that if you ask enough people something, their average answer…

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Gems a decentralized social networking app built on the Bitcoin blockchain with the help of Counterparty. Gems rewards its users for participation and sharing with the community. A total opposite model when compared with the social network giants Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where you as a user essentially is the product. Visit Gems

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Storj a blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted, distributed object storage service where only you can access your data. The software project is seeking to develop a next-generation cloud storage solution that improves upon existing cloud storage providers in four key areas of the service provided. Less expensive for the same industry standard redundancy, uptime, and reliability. Preferably…

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Synereo is a decentralized social network built on top of the blockchain. With it many unique features the development team of Synereo has set out to completely disrupt the social networking industry. Where current social networks makes you, the user, the product, Synero will give the power back to the user, not only by rewarding…

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