Decentral Bitcoin ATM Toronto

123 Spadina Avenue (2nd Floor),Toronto, ON M5V 3E7,Canada
123 Spadina Avenue (2nd Floor),Toronto, ON M5V 3E7,Canada Toronto Ontario M5V CA

Decentral Co-work is home to leading-edge tech start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Decentral is great place to visit and connect with decentralized technology enthusiasts and experts, especially during our weekly Toronto Bitcoin Meet-up group every Wednesday night at1 9:00. For convenience, we also offer a two-way bitcoin machine where you can buy and sell bitcoin.We believe that bitcoin and related decentralized technologies will form a significant part of our global economic, political, and social future. To help realize this end, we aim to promote and develop decentralized technologies.

At Decentral they have a convenient bitcoin teller machine that make purchasing bitcoin easy. To use the machine at our location, simply follow these steps:

Click “Start” on the main screen when you are ready to begin. The
price per bitcoin displayed at this point will be your purchase price.
Note, of course, that you can always buy fractions of a bitcoin, but the
minimum amount per transaction is $5 Canadian.

Enter your phone number and then the verification code that you receive by SMS message. Choose “Buy Bitcoin” Next, choose “Yes” if you already have a bitcoin wallet. Choose “No” if you would like the machine to print a paper wallet. Place the QR code for your wallet’s public receive address in the scanner; it’s the top-right horizontal slot. Start inserting your Canadian cash into the bill acceptor, which
will have a green light activated to indicate that it is ready. After you’ve inserted your individual bills, click “I’m Done” to complete the transaction. Congratulations, you now have bitcoin! A confirmation of the
transaction will be sent via SMS to your phone. You can also print a
paper receipt for your records.

Note that the machine will read only the QR code for your public bitcoin
address; you cannot type the address in manually. Fortunately, all
bitcoin wallet systems on your phone or computer are able to display a
QR code for the wallet’s public receive address.

If you have any questions about the process, please come by Decentral
and we’ll help you get started. 64 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON. Canada.

ATM Manufacturer:
Open Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 17:00, Sat: 10:00 - 15:00
Transaction Limits:
$3000 CAD / day
Exchange Direction:
Fiat to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat
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